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Excellence: Delivering a high quality product that we can be proud of

Service: Clear communication of technical guidance and results to the decision makers in your organization

Trust: Building long term relationships as trusted consultants in the energy efficiency and commissioning fields


DUNE Engineering is a fun and innovative firm with a strong commitment to excellence. We believe in fostering a collaborative environment where team members are encouraged to share their expertise, exchange ideas, and work together to solve complex problems.

We provide our team with the necessary resources, autonomy, and freedom to experiment and push the boundaries of what’s possible. We encourage our team members to think creatively, challenge the status quo, and explore new technologies and approaches. By empowering our team and fostering a culture of innovation, we can continually improve our engineering solutions and stay at the forefront of the industry.

We promote collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. We strive to create an environment where engineers feel inspired, empowered, and supported to reach their full potential while delivering outstanding results for our clients.

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Mike Krokis

Mike Krokis

President, P. Eng, CEM

Mike is a mechanical engineer with over fifteen years experience in energy management, energy auditing and project management. He is passionate about energy efficiency and finding pragmatic solutions that correct building deficiencies while saving energy and money in the process. He has experience in establishing energy management programs for large portfolios of over 100 facilities. He has gained extensive experience while conducting hundreds of energy audits on facilities of all sizes across Alberta and the Yukon. He has experience developing energy conservation measures in facilities ranging from residential to large condominiums, high rises, large commercial buildings, municipal recreational facilities, skating rinks and light industrial sites.

Mike Krokis, P. Eng, CEM
[email protected]

Dune Engineering is proud to be COR certified.

Health and Safety management is a priority in our workplace and for the facilities we help to design

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