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The following is a list of rebate and incentive programs active throughout Canada. Our team of experienced specialists can help you apply to any active programs. This list will be updated as programs are completed and new ones are launched. Each heading is a link to the listed incentive program website. NRCAN posts hundreds of Financial Incentives by Province. Federal incentive programs can also be searched through the government’s Clean Growth Hub

This list will be periodically updated to reflect new programs being added and the removal of completed programs. 


Greener Neighborhoods Pilot Program: (GNPP) focuses on clusters of low-rise housing and seeks to pilot the Energiesprong aggregated retrofit model in the Canadian market. This model aggregates similar homes and buildings in an entire neighborhood to create mass demand for deep energy retrofits. This scale of project and similarity of buildings can leverage new retrofit approaches such as the use of prefabricated exterior panels to reduce on-site labor time and overall project costs. Applications are open for the Pilot Program until April 5, 2023.

Deep Retrofit Accelerator Initiative: Dune will be participating in the Deep Retrofit Accelerator Initiative, offered by Natural Resources Canada. We aim to accelerate the development of deep retrofit projects in commercial, institutional and mid to high-rise multi-unit residential buildings in Canada. This initiative is a great opportunity for communities and organizations looking to transform their building portfolios with deep energy retrofits. Up to 75% of project planning related costs can be covered by the program, including: energy analysis, recommissioning, project planning and management, training, engineering and design, measurement and verification, and building certifications. 

For more information see our DUNE Deep Retrofit Accelerator Bulletin and to be included in our application, complete our DRAI letter of intent form


Energy Savings for Business (ESB) Program: Emissions Reduction Alberta offers incentives that encourage small and medium scale industrial and commercial business to reduce emissions and decrease operating costs. Rebates are available for certain specific interior and exterior lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, water heaters and others. The rebate could cover a portion of the capital cost of eligible equipment. Total incentives are limited to $250,000 per project to a maximum of $500,000 per company. An online pre-approval application must be submitted before installation which confirms that all planned retrofits are eligible for funding. The program is open to all industries and business types across Alberta including new construction, federal and provincially owned buildings, and the institutional sector (municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals, It is currently 95% full.) The deadline for the Energy Savings for Business program has been extended until September 30, 2023

MCCAC offers several funding programs for Municipalities

MCCAC Clean Energy Improvement Program: Access competitive financing covering up to 100 percent of project costs and repay conveniently through your regular property tax bill.

MCCAC Electric Vehicles for Municipalities Program

EV Feasibility studies help you explore potential economic and environmental impacts from transitioning to an electric fleet.  Rebate is 50% of the pre-GST total cost to a maximum of $6,000. Funding is also available for installation of EV Charging Stations and EV Fleet or city vehicles. The deadline for applications is Mar. 31, 2023

MCCAC Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Covers up to 46% of the costs of purchasing and installing a new charging station.

  • Up to $5,000 for each Level 2 Charger (provides a full charge over several hours)
  • Up to $75,000 for each Fast Charger (provides a full charge in 30 minutes) 

The deadline for applications is Mar. 31, 2023

City of Edmonton

City of Edmonton Benchmarking Program is going into year 7. The City of Edmonton will provide a one-time rebate of 30% of the cost of an ASHRAE level 2 energy audit, up to $6,000, per eligible building. A maximum of 3 rebates can be provided per owner or ownership group. The deadline for registration is October 15, 2023.

Edmonton’s Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator (BERA) is a rebate program that provides financial incentives for energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy installations to commercial and institutional buildings. The program’s eligible measures list includes projects such as solar energy, LED lighting upgrades, insulation and building envelope, water and air heating upgrades. Rebates are available up to $150,000. Currently, this program is near fully subscribed. Must be enrolled in the COE Benchmarking program to participate. The application deadline is June 2, 2023 (Currently 100% full)

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